The Move to the NC Mueseum of Transportation

Bill with rotary engine at museum

Once Bill had completed his aircraft he flew it for over four years enjoying the flying capabilities of the “COOT A” continuing to make minor improvements, perfecting his project. During this time he enjoyed flying up and down coastal North Carolina landing in the sounds and in several of the large fresh waters lakes found there as well as a number of airports. Yes, he did land it in front of his house and taxi it up to his house at the beach on Harker’s Island, part of his original desire. As things developed Bill decided he wanted to share his treasure with others. After accomplishing what he set out to do, build and aircraft and develop the rotary engine for aircraft use he was ready to head on to his next project. In 1985 he contacted the North Carolina Museum Of Transportation located in Spenser, North Carolina about donating the aircraft for them to put on display. The museum was in the process of renovating the old Spencer Shops buildings and at that time had no place for it but welcomed the aircraft to be displayed to the public at a later date. So in 1985 the plane was loaded onto a specially made trailer and moved to Spencer, N.C. and placed in storage. Then in

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